11th July 2022
refresher sales training

Why Is Refresher Sales Training Important?

11th February 2022
Sales Teams Brexit Ready

How Kennedy Ross Will Get Your Sales Teams Brexit Ready

24th January 2022
making new business appointments

Why does making new business appointments scare people?

17th April 2021
Sellology audio

Sellology Receives 50 Five Star Reviews on Amazon and Global Publishing

6th December 2020
Preston the gift for business

Preston, The Gift For Business That Keeps On Giving.

13th September 2020
Science Of Selling

Sellology: Simplifying The Science Of Selling – A Huge Thank You!


Past & Present Clients

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11th January 2023
industry specific sales training

Industry Specific Sales Training: Why It Doesn’t Work

1st January 2023
Sales Strategies

Why and how I get to know your business before implementing sales strategies

24th October 2022
Importance Of Reprimands and Praise

The importance of reprimands and praise

27th July 2022
point of sales training

What’s The Point Of Sales Training?