At Kennedy Ross, we believe in straightforward management solutions, designed with you in mind. Therefore, we provide bespoke one-day, management training programmes, designed to improve your management of workloads, tasks and people. We base the day on your challenges, show you how to diagnose staff problems and apply the correct behaviours to increase motivation and job satisfaction.

What Is Management Training?

At Kennedy Ross, our management training focuses around the following two strategies.

The Physiology Of Management

At Kennedy Ross we believe the key to good management is communication. This is why we came up with the concept Words, Music and Dance.

Essentially, words, music and dance teaches you about the importance of communicating clearly to create credible conversations and also the importance of how miscommunication creates misunderstanding. By helping you to get your words, music and dance on point every time we can make you a better manager by creating valuable interactions with your staff.

Business Style Awareness – Management

People are the most difficult variable to control in the work place, however, establishing good relationships with staff and colleagues is the key to overcoming this and creating a successful working environment. In order to achieve this, we introduce Business Style Awareness at our management training.

Business Style Awareness helps you to establish your business style, that of your nemesis and how to manage your style alongside others in order to get each business conversation off to the best start. Take our Business Style Awareness Test now to improve your management skills.

In addition to the above key strategies our management training also offers tips on:

  • Side-by-side training
  • Meetings
  • Weekly and monthly one to ones.
  • Incentives and consequences
  • Performance management

Where Do You Offer Management Training?

We offer management courses across the UK, including:

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    Why Do I Need Management Training?

    Ask yourself this: “What rationale am I using to underpin my management behaviours?” If your answer, like most of our clients, is none then answer this: “how do you know you’re delivering the right behaviours at the right time?”

    Interestingly, if you review your business strategies, you’ll find they are underpinned with rationale, accreditation and supported by associations. So, why is people management not treated with the same importance?

    By implementing a management strategy on our courses, we are proven to increase motivation, increase job satisfaction and ensure consistence in your approach to ensure increased, sustainable results.

    Why Should I Choose Kennedy Ross For Management Training?

    Our management training doesn’t just dictate what makes a good manager. Instead, our consultants work alongside you to discuss your current management challenges, what makes a good manager and what you would like to get from the course. Consequently, we can ensure you achieve your objectives on the programme and leave with an easy to implement, effective management strategy that works for you.

    Our consultants have worked with an array of businesses that share similar problems with managing people. As a result, we created a dynamic and effective ‘one day’ training course to update your skills and supports you through your management issues.

    Our development courses are run by leaders who have managed people in SME’s and large scale operations. Consequently, knowledge is relevant and training is practical and easy to implement.

    To improve your management skills and become a more effective leader, contact our team and start your management training journey.

    “Recently they came in and delivered a two day management programme with follow up. It has without doubt impacted our staff retention, improved employee morale and ensured our management team are all speaking the same language”.

    Rich Dyer – Managing Director – Skiddle.Com

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