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    What Is Sales Training For Logistics?

    Helping companies in the logistics industry to streamline sales processes in order to thrive in a competitive sector

    Logistics is a complex industry with clients looking for support throughout their distribution journey. To thrive in the logistics and distribution industry, solutions must be unique, streamlined and proven to get the job done. And, your sales process should be no different. Therefore, sales training for logistics must provide a bespoke sales system that works for sales representatives from sales conception to completion.

    Our logistics sales training introduces you to our unique, yet proven, sales system, PROCES. With a logical system that is catered to your sector and easy to implement outside of the classroom, you will be able to provide consistent improvements in your sales performance and manage your existing customer base.

    In order to fit around your sales team’s schedule our courses vary from one day to longer term programmes.

    Why Choose Kennedy Ross For Logistics Sales Training?

    The logistics industry is one with unique business processes, information systems and goals with sales representatives acting as a liaison between clients, trucking carrier and the receiver. Therefore, logistics sales training must match this unique criteria in order to guarantee an increase in sales.

    Our leading consultants have held high level positions within the logistics and distribution industry. Adding to this, we have been running training courses in this sector with positive results for a number of years. Consequently, we are equipped with expert knowledge of the logistics industry and front line experience that enables us to create dynamic conversations and relevant sales solutions for logistics and distribution companies. It is such experience that enables our consultants to “get to the coalface and deliver” (Freightlink Solutions Ltd).

    As well as being catered to your industry and specific business goals, our sales training for logistics guarantees to increase sales performance and ensure a return on investment from your training.

    To find out more about our sales training for logistics, and to see how we can help your company, contact us today.











    Where Do You Offer Logistics Training Courses?

    We offer sales training across the UK and will happily come to your office, no matter where you are based. Below are just some of the main areas we offer training:

    “The guys at KR came in and gave us the support to put in place a focused programme to initially help us overcome our sales obstacles. More importantly they identified a number of processes which we really needed to put in place to develop a robust and successful sales and marketing strategy. KR do not just present smart boardroom ideologies. They roll up their sleeves, get to the coalface and deliver.”

    Mark Stephens – Managing Director – Freightlink Solutions Ltd

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