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    Sales Management Training

    Sales management courses designed to help sales managers motivate sales teams and boost sales performance

    Progressing from a sales person to a sales manager is often an exciting yet challenging task and for many managing a sales team for the first time can be a daunting prospect. Responsible for motivating the sales team, setting and achieving targets, managing people and growing sales performance, sales managers have a lot of responsibility and indeed pressure. Therefore, ensuring sales managers have proven strategies in place is vital to theirs and the team’s success.

    That’s why our bespoke sales management training is designed around the following steps to help sales managers adopt the correct managerial behaviours and communicate effectively with staff in order to boost sales team morale and performance.







    Step 1: communicating effectively with your sales team

    Communicating effectively with your sales team is the key to good management. This is why our concept Words, Music and Dance features in our sales management training course.

    Essentially, words, music and dance discusses the importance of creating credible conversations through clear communication and the importance of how miscommunication creates misunderstanding. By helping you to get your words, music and dance on point, every time, we can make you a better sales manager by creating valuable interactions with your sales team.

    Step 2: establishing good relationships with your sales team

    People are the most difficult workplace variable to control. Indeed, sales managers often cite managing their sales people as one of the biggest challenges they face.

    That’s why at our sales management training we use Business Style Awareness to help you establish good relationships with staff and colleagues in order to overcome this challenge and create a successful working environment.

    Take our Business Style Awareness Test to help improve your managerial skills.

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    situational leadership - management training

    Step 2: day to day sales management

    “Managers aren’t born, they’re trained” Ken Blanchard

    During our management training course, we introduce sales managers to the situational leadership model. This management model is one of the most widely used in the UK and we are fully accredited to use this in the UK.

    The situational leadership model allows sales managers to diagnose individual performances based on the individual’s competence and commitment. Therefore, sales managers can deliver the correct behaviour to overall reduce conflict and increase the motivation of sales people and sales teams.

    In addition to situational leadership, our sales management training will also help you to successfully complete:

    • One-to-one/side by side training, including the training report
    • Sales meetings, monthly meetings and snap meetings
    • Documented weekly and monthly one-to-ones. We also refer to this as performance counselling and objective setting
    • How to incentivise your sales team
    • Performance management and the consequences of poor performance
    • Creating the right culture for your sales team
    • Measuring and managing your emotional intelligence

    All of our training is supported by workbooks and sales management handbooks.

    "Recently they came in and delivered a two day management programme with follow up. It has without doubt impacted our staff retention, improved employee morale and ensured our management team are all speaking the same language".
    Rich Dyer - Managing Director - Skiddle.Com

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