At Kennedy Ross, we understand there is a lot of conflicting advice about what makes an effective Social Media Sales Strategy and it can be confusing. Therefore, we are concerned with what we can do, rather than what we know, and all of our work is designed to deliver the results you want. More leads, more sales and more business!

We implement simple, easy to use strategies so you can find, win and keep more customers. And that is all. Delivered in plain English and in ways that work with the rest of your business.

If you want to get more out of social media, we provide the clarity you seek.

5 Ways A Social Media Sales Strategy Can Help You


Our social media specialists present across the UK. They are regularly brought in by high street brands and universities to deliver half or full day workshops on Social Media Trends and Best practices.

Our social media experts would love to work with you to create a customized presentation for your business or group.


We have been creating social media timeline plans with businesses since 2010. The timeline plan gives you a detailed approach to improve your social media in a logical, achievable, easy to manage process.

This timeline includes:

  • Step-by-step process maps for social media improvement
  • Social editorial calendars
  • Amplification initiatives
  • Campaigns
  • Quizzes and contests.


A detailed look at how effective your current social media activity is. Our audit includes an evaluation of your strategy, posting patterns, content types and audience engagement. We deliver a detailed evaluation and SWOT analysis of your social media activity. Following this, we suggest some clear action steps to implement in the following 60 days.


This is where we help you with the important tasks that you know you should be tackling. However, you just can’t find the time or resources to do so. We handle the content, design and scheduling configured around your business needs.

This includes:

  • Campaign/content strategy and ideas
  • Metrics and report creation
  • Social media editorial calendar
  • A Social media brand, tone and style guide
  • Personal branding plan
  • Social media tools assessment
  • New social channel strategy and set up

We are also happy to design custom programmes for any purpose.

So, if you need help with your social media sales strategy, contact our social media experts and start growing your business today.

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