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    Classroom Based Sales Training 

    Inclusive – Collaborative – Rewarding – Real Play not Role Play

    Classroom Based Sales Training ?

    Kennedy Ross offers classroom-based sales training and management training at our wonderful facilities, your place of work or virtually.

    All sales and management training takes into consideration the recognised learning styles, visual, aural, verbal, physical and logical.

    We can proudly say our programmes are impactful, collaborative, inclusive and fun.

    We blend engaging, interactive theory and application with ‘real plays’ not (silly) ‘role plays’, so the training delivered becomes immediately implementable once the training is complete.

    We’ve attached some recent feedback forms and images of courses for you to review.

    The industries are wide and varied yet the results remain the same, increased skills and improved performance.

    The training is fast paced, dynamic and completed with fun humour and balance. Please contact us for further information.











    Benefits of Sales Training Include;

    • Learning without distraction, ensuring focus and clarity throughout.
    • Shared experiences through collaborative storytelling, building on what you do well, making the training real.
    • A clearer and quicker understanding from us on how our training lands with you. We will pick up on your visual clues and ensure we are successful with everyone we train, giving you the results and the ‘value for money’ you deserve.
    • Team building – Our classroom sales training and management training helps strengthen working relationships and information sharing, by bringing your salespeople together, who might not ordinarily meet face to face.
    • Our classroom sales training is always conducted in environments, which energise and engage the learners. We utilise the very latest technologies, including mindfulness and physical activities, based on individual capabilities, to mix up the sessions and your groups.
    • It’s often said ‘a change is good as rest’. The environments we create, the venues available and the bespoke content heightens the value of our training to ensure it lives way beyond the classroom. You will feel refreshed, re-focused and ready for action.

    “I’ve been to many sales courses over the years in my roles as Sales, Commercial Director and CEO. Kennedy Ross classroom based sales training is by far the best.  The reason is because they use their frameworks based on our business which means our bespoke sales process is produced and then practiced on the course. They made it light, fast paced and everyone took something from their programme they could utilise to improve their sales performance straight away. Outstanding course and outstanding trainers.”

    Paul Nixon CEO – Perfect Shutters

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