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    About Sales Training For Law Firms

    For solicitors and lawyers, the client’s interests must always come first and communicating with clients must be done with sensitivity and the upmost respect. Therefore, our sales training for law firms takes this into consideration and equips sales teams with the tools to get each client conversation off to the best start and follow up leads appropriately.

    In addition, we introduce our unique sales system, PROCES. This sales process is straightforward to introduce, easy to maintain and systematic and helps to provide consistent improvements to law firms.

    The combination of our sales process with clear communication helps to develop and maintain a good client relationship whilst simultaneously providing the best opportunities to make sales and close leads.

    Law Firms We Have Worked With

    • Hammond Trotter Solicitors
    • Freemans Solicitors
    • Stephensons Solicitors






    Why choose Kennedy Ross for sales training for law firms ?

    We know that law firms operate in a very competitive industry and therefore need streamlined, efficient processes to thrive. However, we also know they need a human touch in order to work successfully with clients and achieve desired outcomes.

    Thanks to our experience working with solicitors and lawyers, and our extensive business and sales support knowledge, we are equipped to deliver this personalised sales training for law firms.

    Our consultants have worked with leading law firms for many years and have consistently increased their sales performance. In fact, leading law firm Hammond  Trotter Solicitors state that we helped them to increase new client conversion rate from 10% to 34%.

    We offer sales training to law firms across the UK at their offices. Below are just a few of the locations we cover:

    • London
    • Manchester
    • Preston
    • Liverpool
    • Lancaster
    • Cumbria
    • Cheshire

    “We operate in a very competitive environment. Kennedy Ross  showed us how to improve our new client conversion rate from 10  to 34%, by using a sales system called P.R.O.C.E.S. And we hit 34% by simply getting conversations off to a better start, asking the right questions at the right time and controlling the follow up. Speak to Alistaire, he’ll explain what that means.”

    Martin Hammond – Managing Partner – Hammond Trotter Solicitors

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