What Is Executive Mentoring?

At Kennedy Ross, we understand it can be lonely at the top of business. And, when problems arise, it can seem you are dealing with them alone. Furthermore, we know it’s important for business executives to keep learning, so you and your company can compete in competitive industries.

This is where executive mentoring can help.

Executive mentoring helps to provide leaders with insight and support into problem solving. As a result, this improves leadership and business skills.

At Kennedy Ross, our executive coaching is run by mentors who have experience as past board level directors. Consequently, they can deliver effective, industry-leading business mentoring for a range of sectors.

How Does Executive Mentoring Work?

Firstly, our mentors agree plans with you, set out desired goals and put measures in place to monitor performance.

We work closely with business owners, senior managers and directors to create objective and meaningful discussions. Furthermore, these discussions are underpinned with years of top level experience and business academia. Consequently, our executive mentoring service improves performance across client’s businesses.

Areas we offer executive mentoring:

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The Benefits Of One To One Executive Training?

  • Support in the delivery of ‘best in class’ management behaviours
  • Help in strategy build and execution
  • Agreed performance management criteria
  • SMART goals, KPI delivery and monitoring
  • Recruitment support and staff developments plans
  • Continuous strategic and operational support
  • Finally, learning how to become streamlined as a business by improving sales performance and driving down costs.

“The Paper Cup Company has grown year on year in excess of 100% and Kennedy Ross have been instrumental in our growth. Their training gave us a massive boost in performance simply by following a sales system. In addition, Alistaire has supported the directors and management team by introducing and supporting the implementation of robust management processes.”

Mark Woodward – CEO – The Paper Cup Company

Past & Present Clients

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