24th October 2018
Importance Of Reprimands and Praise

The importance of reprimands and praise and 5 Tips for you to put into practice – immediately

You may think it is common for business leaders to shy away from reprimanding employees. After all, no one likes being the bad guy. However, I […]
15th October 2018
The Benefits Of Sales Training

The Benefits Of Sales Training With Kennedy Ross

We’ve all heard the benefits of sales training countless times: increase sales, profitability and revenue. And, we’ve all read countless articles professing the benefits of sales […]
2nd August 2018
Why Do I Need Telesales Training?

Why Do I Need Telesales Training?

A question I often get asked is, ‘why do I need telesales training?’. I can understand why. After all, sales people working in telesales have a […]
27th July 2018
what’s the point of sales training

What’s The Point Of Sales Training?

Often, I am asked what’s the point of sales training? And, is selling a case of nature or nurture? Essentially, people want to know whether sales […]
11th July 2018
refresher sales training

Why Is Refresher Sales Training Important?

Unfortunately, businesses tend to look at refresher sales training with skepticism, seeing it as more money outsourced on surplus training. So, I would like to address […]
3rd July 2018
sales call reluctance

5 Top Tips To Manage Your Penalty Taking Reluctance…I Mean Your Sales Call Reluctance

Penalty taking reluctance, this is how the Colombian footballers felt before they took their penalties, hence their poor performance. Whereas we, England, (finally) don’t share those […]

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