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    Manufacturing Sales Training

    Our sales training will sharpen, shorten and improve the effectiveness of your sales teams and managers.

    What Is Manufacturing Sales Training?

    In a competitive, fast moving industry manufacturing sales teams need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be successful and stand out from the competition.

    Therefore, our manufacturing sales training introduces our easy to use, logical sales system called PROCES that is proven to provide consistent improvements in your sales performance.

    Our sales training courses range from one day to longer term sessions to cater for the individual needs of your sales team.

    Some of the leading manufacturing companies our training is helping:

    • Readyfix UK
    • RJW Engineering
    • Printed Cup Company
    • Packaging Automation Ltd

    You can read their testimonials here.






    Why Choose Kennedy Ross For Sales Training?

    We are recognised as industry leaders when it comes to training sales teams and managers in the Manufacturing industry, thanks to our industry experience.

    Not only have we held high level positions within the industry, we have also trained leading companies in this sector for a number of years. As a result, we understand the difficulties manufacturing companies can encounter and know what works, and what doesn’t, for your sales teams.

    The Kennedy Ross sales systems and sales managements systems, provide the same benefits to manufacturing sales as Lean Manufacturing. It will sharpen, shorten and improve the effectiveness of your sales. In fact, every manufacturing company engaging with Kennedy Ross’ sales training has improved sales performance. Leading manufacturing company, RJW, increased their new accounts from 8 in a three month period to 51 accounts sold in the two months following our training.

    To find out more about how our training courses can help you, contact our team.

    Where Do You Offer Training Courses?

    We offer sales training across the UK, including the following areas:

    “I’ve always been sceptical about the impact of sales training and asked Kennedy Ross to come and discuss how they can help. I’m please to say it was, without doubt a very worthwhile investment. We finished our year with our best ever results and the sales training definitely made the difference.”

    Sam Ashton- Director, Packaging Automation Ltd

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