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Kennedy Ross help sales teams to appoint, meet and close new business.

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    Sales Training For New Business

    Helping your sales team to recruit and close new business

    What Is Sales Training For New Business?

    One of the biggest concerns we receive at Kennedy Ross is the inability of sales teams to be able to appoint, meet and close new business. Because selling can be perceived poorly as a profession, many sales people won’t try and sell at the fear of being told, “you are selling to me”.

    My view is that during the years of selling in the land of milk and honey, also known as 2003 to 2007, when the internet came fully on-board and we were awash with credit, we become a nation of order takers and forgot the basic principles of sales. Consequently, today sales people avoid being called ‘sales people’ and avoid the opportunity to get the No’s. However, without the no’s, you can’t get the ‘yeses’.

    There is a distinct difference between what we refer to as hunter type sales people and farmer type sales people. Hunters are renown for getting new business deals over the lines, and, are quite often perceived as aggressive. Farmers, on the other hand, are renowned for account management skills and often perceived as passive.

    Both have good and bad traits and our sales training for new business builds on the good traits and provides a system to be able to develop and improve your new business skills. This means approaching every opportunity with confidence and getting the best outcomes for you, and your client, without coming across as pushy.

    Some Businesses Benefiting From New Business Training?

    • FISC Healthcare
    • Readyfix UK
    • Freemans Solicitors
    • UK Carline
    • Printed Cup Company
    • Hammond Trotter Solicitors
    • RJW Engineering

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    Why Choose Kennedy Ross?

    On a frequent basis, people ask is selling nature or nurture? Essentially they are asking is selling a natural gift or can it be taught? As you’d expect, my view is it can definitely trained. However, sales can only be taught if you ‘wanna’ do it, there’s no point in training anyone if they don’t want to learn.

    Despite this, from experience, there are individuals who are more likely to be good sales people, a bit like there are people who play football with more skill than others. With this in mind, I think the debate is more hunter vs farmer, rather than nature vs nurture. Hunters are traditionally new business go-getters. Farmers tend to be account managers, whereas hunters are new business dynamos. Despite their differences, both are field sales, and will benefit from our two day sales training programmes.

    In the film Any Given Sunday, Al Pacino’s infamous half-time speech, discusses inches, and how it is the culmination of these inches that make the difference. This a good way to describe our sales training. Kennedy Ross will help you to improve in all areas, or inches, of your business, which, when combined, will make a big difference to your performance.

    Where Do Kennedy Ross Provide Sales Training For New Business?

    Based in the heart of Preston, we offer sales training for new business all across the North West, including, but not limited to:

    • Manchester
    • Liverpool
    • Preston
    • Lancashire

    To find out more about sales training for new business, contact our dedicated sales training team. 






    ““We struggled to get new business and asked Kennedy Ross to help us. Following their sales training and sales management training, we went from eight new accounts sold in the previous three months to 51 accounts sold in the last two months. Kennedy Ross introduced us to a systematic way of selling. It’s a brilliant system we can all follow and measure, which for a well-established engineering company is critical for our success. I strongly recommend Kennedy Ross. If you want to get your sales team selling more new business as their system works.”

    Lee Windsor – Sales Director, RJW Engineering

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