Sales Training

Every business and sales team engaging with our sales training courses increases performance

Many companies shout about the benefits of sales training with little return on investment. That’s why, at Kennedy Ross we guarantee to boost your sales team’s performance with our training courses.

Our training provides your business and sales team with proven methods and bespoke strategies which means your sales team will improve sales performance and revenue.

Our Training Courses

Our training courses vary from single day sessions to longer term programmes and include specialist training courses. Therefore, you can cater training to suit your team, business needs and schedule.






We can help in the following areas:

  • New Business (hunters)
  • Customer service
  • Key accounts
  • National accounts
  • Account management (farmers)
  • Graduate entry programmes
  • Refreshers
  • Start ups and smaller SMEs.

Why Do I Need Sales Training?

Often, people believe that sales cannot be taught, and therefore, that there is no point in sales training courses. However, as you would expect, we believe that even the best sales person needs training.


Although anyone can make a sale, in order to consistently boost sales and reach targets a proven sales strategy is needed. This is where training comes in.

Our unique sales system, PROCES is straightforward to introduce, systematic and easy to maintain. Furthermore, it will help to provide consistent improvements in your business performance.

Still wondering what’s the point of sales training? Read my blog here. 

Business Style Awareness – Effective Communication

In sales pitches people are the most difficult variable to control. In order to overcome this and establish a positive selling environment, you need to establish good relationships and create meaningful conversations with prospects. That’s why we introduce Business Style Awareness at our sales training courses.

Business Style Awareness ensures you get on well with everyone within the first 7 seconds of a conversation – even with prospects or clients you don’t naturally get on with.

Take our Business Style Awareness Test to improve your management and sales skills.

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Nationwide Sales Training

We deliver our training courses across the UK. This means your sales team can start improving your sales and business performance immediately, wherever your business is located.

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