One Day Sales Training Courses 

Convenient sales and management training to improve the performance of your sales team and managers.

Effective Communication (Words, Music and Dance)

  • How to behave professionally by ensuring that your words (Words), tone (Music) and body language (Dance) are aligned.
  • Most importantly, this ensures communication remains consistent and clear.

Introduction to Situational Leadership

  • Situational Leadership is the number one accredited management model in the world.
  • This one day training course offers an introduction to how to manage and motivate your team, improve performance and profitability for your business.

SME People Management & Staff Motivation

  • Learn the corporate skills and tricks of the trade to manage your staff effectively.

Appointment Making

  • How to do what is the toughest job in any sales system – making telephone appointments.
  • This covers new, current, lapsed and any other business scenario you can think of.


  • An effective and measured approach to successful selling on the phone, from managing the gatekeeper to achieving the order.

Closing Sales

  • Controlling the follow-up and remaining in control of the next steps.
  • Negotiating to win and all closing methods you would wish to see.

Business Style Awareness

  • Essentially, a profiling tool that allows us to be aware of the four core personality traits that people exhibit in business.
  • We use it to understand why we dislike some people and why we think they dislike us.
  • Most importantly, it ensures you get on with everyone in business within the first seven seconds of meeting them.
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Deliver Compelling Stories

  • The ability to deliver 3rd party related business stories in a compelling and imaginative way.
  • Essentially, delivering a story about your business that demonstrates how you previously delivered a solution to a customer’s problem.

Intelligent Questions

  • Learning the ‘Magic Question’ and when to use open and closed questions.
  • Also teaches the ability to summarise the information based on your business solution and engage with your customers and suppliers.

Objection Handling

  • Understanding that all objections are real but only a few are ever handled.
  • Learn how to manage objections, move the situation on and create a win win conversation.

Customer Service

  • How to ensure and progress to 100% customer satisfaction.

Introduction to Sales Management

  • How to complete effective 1-2-1’s, side by side training, sales meetings and training sessions.
  • Put simply, all of these are required to improve and maintain an outstanding sales team performance.

Key Account Management

  • Recognising the importance of Pareto’s Law. This explains that 20% of your customers hold 80% of your revenue.
  • Includes strategies on how to ensure maximum retention and opportunities for growth.

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