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    What Is Telecoms Sales Training?

    Telecommunications is rapidly changing, with new technologies and communication methods applying the pressure to traditional telecoms companies. However, with our telecoms sales courses, we can help telecommunications companies move with these changes and make the most of new sales opportunities.

    Our proven sales system, PROCES,  is easy to adapt, making it ideal for the fast moving telecoms industry. Plus, thanks to its ease of implementation and easy to follow steps, it guarantees consistent sales growth for your company.

    To cater for your company and training requirements, our sales training varies from one day training courses to longer term programmes.

    Why Choose Kennedy Ross For Sales Training?

    We have held top level positions at some of the largest telecoms companies in the UK, including BT. Therefore, we are equipped with expert industry knowledge and extensive experience. Consequently, we can cater our training programmes around the problems and opportunities specific to the telecoms industry.

    Adding to this, all companies engaging with our sales training courses have seen at least a 20% increase in their sales performance.

    To find out more about our sales training for telecoms companies, contact our team.













    Where Do You Offer Training Courses?

    We offer sales training courses across the UK and will happily carry out your training in house at your company HQ. Below are just some of the main areas we cover:

    “Since the training we have improved our productivity and average value of orders. We also have been able to sustain these increases through robust sales management practices and behaviours. Kennedy Ross sales training will improve your sales performance.”

    Matt Leonard – Managing Director, Moneycorp.

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