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    Sales Training in Preston

    Sales training courses in Preston designed to motivate and boost the results of sales teams.

    Business in Preston is thriving and Kennedy Ross are delighted to offer bespoke sales training in Preston and the surrounding areas.

    Rather than shout about the benefits of sales training with little return on investment, we base our training on sales processes and strategies which have been proven to increase the performance of sales teams.

    Why Is Our Sales Training Successful?

    Our sales training in Preston is based around the following two concepts.

    Business Style Awareness – Effective Communication

    As most sales teams know, people are the most difficult variable to control when selling. However, in order to sell successfully, you need to establish good relationships and create meaningful conversations in a positive selling environment. This is where Business Style Awareness comes in.

    Business Style Awareness ensures you get on well with everyone within the first 7 seconds of a conversation. Yes, even with people you don’t instinctively get on with.

    Take our Business Style Awareness Test to improve your sales skills.

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    Our Proven Sales Strategy – PROCES

    Located perfectly between Manchester and Liverpool, Preston is fast becoming one of the largest business hubs in Lancashire. Consequently, competition is on the rise for businesses and a proven sales strategy is more important than ever to consistently grow sales and boost revenue. Our sales training in Preston introduces a proven sales system, PROCES, to your sales team. This sales system is straightforward to implement, systematic and easy to maintain yet delivers sizeable return on investment.

    PROCES consists of the below simple steps:

      • PLAN what to plan and how to get the most from your conversations and meetings through effective planning
      • REACH out to your potential clients through new business appointment making and current clients with productive follow up calls.
      • OBTAIN the correct information from your client for you to sell against by delivering The Magic Question, open and closed questions, emotional drivers to create some form of action and summarise and commit this information to be able to drive the sale forward.
      • CONNECT with your client by confidently delivering the features, advantages and benefits of your products and services based on the information obtained.
      • ELABORATE through third party stories. Designing and delivering compelling examples to your client as to why they should buy your products and services, utilising case studies for the purposes of selling new business, retaining clients and up-sell.
      • SECURE the next steps of your meeting. How to keep the next steps in your hands by controlling the follow up and/or closing the opportunity and learn how to negotiate with our straightforward negotiating matrix.

    Why Choose Kennedy Ross For Sales Training In Preston?

    Based in Preston city centre we know the local business industry, including the benefits and challenges it provides to local companies. Therefore, we know how to cater our training to benefit local companies and help them thrive in our city and beyond.

    Our team have worked with some of the world’s leading sales companies across a range of industries. We provide sales training for a number of companies in Preston, all of which are benefiting from improving sales and business growth.

    Our training courses vary from single day sessions to longer term programmes and include specialist training courses. Therefore, you can cater training to suit your team, business needs and schedule.

    “We asked Kennedy Ross to work with us on two areas. Support the Sales Manager and his external sales team, and support the internal appointment team. The results have been spectacular. We estimate Kennedy Ross have helped us increase our new business revenues by £800,000. We can now make appointments with new clients and have a proven system to maximise these appointments.”

    Mark Burwood – Sales Director – Readyfix UK

    Past and Present Clients

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