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5 Top Tips To Manage Your Penalty Taking Reluctance…I Mean Your Sales Call Reluctance
3rd March 2023

Is It Possible To Deliver A Guaranteed Appointment Making Service?

guaranteed appointment making

I’d like to introduce you to a new guaranteed appointment making service we are offering our clients at Kennedy Ross.

Perhaps it’s obvious to state face-to-face meetings with clients are critical when growing your client base and increasing revenues. However, Business-to-Business appointment making is a difficult, if not nightmarish, part of sales. Add the thought of outsourcing and this situation becomes more daunting and financially risky. That’s why, at Kennedy Ross, we will remove these reservations with our exclusive guaranteed appointment making service .

We’ve been trialing the appointment setting service since October 2017, proving time and time again it is possible.

How Can Kennedy Ross Guarantee Appointments?

While these statements may appear a little outlandish, I know appointment making, especially new business appointment making, is a tough and ruthless battleground. I’ve seen many people crumble after their first call, after being shouted at and made to feel, well, stupid!

Thankfully, our appointment making team are professionals. They have worked for the likes of Thomson Local Directories, Phones4U Business, Newspapers, in addition to other hard-edged, front-line sales organisations. However, they still manage each assignment with empathy and sophistication and always secure their appointment’s objectives. Our team are accustomed to the fast-moving pace of business and thrive in intense environments of converting calls to appointments. This is why we can guarantee to achieve your appointment setting objectives. I could go as far to say they enjoy it, which is almost an oxymoron, ‘enjoying appointment making’.

How Can An External Team Make Appointments For My Business?

I know you need to trust the organisation and people who do this service, because it’s an important area of your business to place in the hands of an external company. And, I realise clients wonder how we can portray their business, and secure relevant appointments, without compromising their values.

One of the ways we do this is through Business Style Awareness. It’s a profiling tool, which means our team can establish what personality type they communicating to. By establishing this, appointment setters can make your products and services attractive and important enough to warrant a meeting. Our head of appointment making team, Zeesh Ahmed, manages all of this with extreme care and professionalism.

Head of guaranteed appointment making service

Zeesh Manages Our Guaranteed Appointment Making Service

How Does Kennedy Ross’ Guaranteed Appointment Making Service Work?

Most of all, I believe the key to securing good meetings is a bespoke appointment making plan. To achieve this, we’ll complete a full diagnostic review of your business. We’ll get to know your services, appointment needs and challenges, clients, current and prospective, and devise a framework, including e-mail templates, to follow up communications.

What do you think?

I think guaranteed appointment making is a good idea because it’s proven and let’s you focus on what you’re good at. If we can help you get in front of more people, so you can do more of what you’re good at, then we all win. What do you think?

Cheers, Ali.

Alistaire Jama
Alistaire Jama
Alistaire Jama is the author of Sellology: Simplifying The Science Of Selling. He is also an industry leading sales training consultant at Kennedy Ross where he draws upon years of top level industry experience to help North West businesses improve their sales and revenues.