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5 Top Tips To Manage Your Penalty Taking Reluctance…I Mean Your Sales Call Reluctance

Sales call reluctance

Penalty taking reluctance, this is how the Colombian footballers felt before they took their penalties, hence their poor performance. Whereas we, England, (finally) don’t share those feelings, because we won a penalty shoot-out. Yes, we won a penalty shoot-out. 

Any way this blog isn’t about penalty taking reluctance it’s about sales call reluctance. So, please read on and let me know what you think?

We’ve all been there. You call a prospect, give them your best sales pitch and still receive a cold, hard no. Such responses can often leave callers feeling rejected, demoralised and nervous for the following calls. Although these feelings are normal and can spur some callers on to improve their performance, for others it can start what we refer to at Kennedy Ross as sales call reluctance.

What Is Sales Call Reluctance?

A few nerves are good when approaching your phone calls. They show you care and can help you perform well. However, excessive nerves can impact your ability and willingness to call. This then leads to longer and longer gaps between your next call and before you know, you’ve got sales call reluctance.

sales call reluctance

Once you’ve adopted this negative mindset, it creates a fear of rejection and compounds you putting off calling further. You end up going home feeling this way, coming in the next day and it starts all over again. I’ve been there, it’s a horrible feeling and it can be very hard to get back into the swing of things.

Therefore, I’ve compiled some simple yet effective ways to help you beat sales call reluctance and grow your sales in no time!

5 Top Tips To Manage Your Sales Call Reluctance

  1. No, you didn’t get a sale. But, did you learn something? A no is a prelude to a YES. It’s just the next step. It’s actually a result and it’s better than don’t know!
  2. At the time, hearing a client or prospect say ‘no’ can be devastating and leave you down in the dumps. Alternatively, winning a sale can make you feel as high as a kite. The message is, don’t get too low from the lows and too high from the highs.
  3. Have a framework that you can follow and stick to. If your results then take a dive, you’ll know it’s not the framework, it’s you, so, take a moment.
  4. Take a moment. When we are on the phone, and our message is delivered poorly, in other words our tone is not up to scratch, no one hears the words. In fact, 93% of your message is in your tone. What’s always helped my team and I, is to break up the day, especially when things aren’t going well. So, in times of dire performance, take a moment, get some fresh air, go have a break, just do anything to get you out of that run. And then, go again.
  5. There are three key parts to successful telesales.
    1. Pace and urgency – In other words, make a lot of calls and have a reason why people need to speak to you.
    2. Data – This could become more of an issue considering what’s happened recently with the introduction of the GDPR legislation.
    3. Confidence – Your clients and potential prospects will pick up in an instance your confidence, or lack of it.

Next time you’re having a bit of a tough time on the phone, have a look at those three parts to telesales and you will quickly know which one isn’t happening and which one you need further support on.

If you, or your telesales team, are struggling with sales call reluctance Kennedy Ross’ sales training courses will provide you with dynamic support and help. Contact me or any of my team today, to get your sales back on track and beat sales call reluctance!

Finally if you or your sales team are struggling with penalty taking reluctance, then speak to Gareth Southgate. Come on England!

sales call reluctance

Alistaire Jama
Alistaire Jama
Alistaire Jama is the author of Sellology: Simplifying The Science Of Selling. He is also an industry leading sales training consultant at Kennedy Ross where he draws upon years of top level industry experience to help North West businesses improve their sales and revenues.