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5 Tips To Motivate Your Sales Team

motivate your sales team

The summer months can be a slow time for sales teams. As schools break up and everyone jets off on their holidays, it can seem nearly impossible to get a sale over the line. Plus, add Brexit and our political uncertainty in the mix, and it’s a deadly cocktail for sales teams.

In times like this it’s more important than ever to boost the morale of your sales team. Therefore, I’ve put together my top tips to motivate your sales team.

Honesty is the best policy

If August is known to be a quiet sales period for your company, let your staff know.

Some sales managers worry this will provide sales teams with an excuse for poor performance.

However, in my experience I’ve actually seen it have the opposite effect. Sales teams can work harder, hoping to turn around what is typically known as a poor time. Meanwhile, being upfront with your staff can stop them taking failure as personally and keep them motivated during troubled times, as well as boosting their respect for you as a manger.

Invest in your sales team

If sales are low and you’re not hitting your sales targets, staff morale can soon hit an all time low. Then, before long, staff can start to feel demotivated and performance lowers even further.

Before you know it, you’ve got a sales team that are under-performing and looking to jump ship. However, investing in your staff by offering sales training courses can give staff the much needed boost they need during your quieter periods and equip them with the right skills they need all year round.

Rely on a sales strategy

Talking of sales training, ensure your sales team have a proven sales strategy that they can rely on. A smart, slick sales system is even more critical during turbulent or quieter times as it gives your staff something concrete to guide them through a tough sales pitch and something to boost their confidence after a steam of ‘nos’.

At Kennedy Ross, we have a tried and tested sales system that has helped to increase all our client’s sales performance by at least 20%.

Dish out reprimands and praise

As mentioned, a quieter sales period can be demoralising for individuals and the whole sales team. Therefore, creating a positive working environment and rewarding employees where necessary is key to riding out the storm.

With this in mind, generally difficult periods don’t mean lowering standards. Employees should still be giving their all, even in tough times. Therefore, delivering reprimands, and then moving on from them, is critical to encouraging staff to change their behaviour for themselves and the good of the team.

Trust me, appropriately delivering reprimands and praise will make a surprising difference to your employees, leadership and results. You can read my blog: ‘The Importance of Reprimands and Praise’ for more help and advice.

Encourage personal development

As staff jet off on their summer holidays or take time off to be with the kids, sales can take a dip. Rather than react negatively to this, it’s important to encourage staff holidays and leisure time.

If staff feel they can have a full switch off from work during their time off, then they’re guaranteed to come back feeling refreshed and re-motivated, ready to perform at their best.

Plus, a boss who promotes their staff’s best interests, both in and out of work, is guaranteed to acquire more respect and hard work in return.

Our sales training courses can help to motivate your sales team and boost sales performance. To find out more, contact me direct. 

Alistaire Jama
Alistaire Jama
Alistaire Jama is the author of Sellology: Simplifying The Science Of Selling. He is also an industry leading sales training consultant at Kennedy Ross where he draws upon years of top level industry experience to help North West businesses improve their sales and revenues.
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