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17th April 2021
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Why does making new business appointments scare people?

making new business appointments

Perhaps it’s obvious to state that making new business appointments is critical when growing your client base and increasing revenues. However, making new business appointments is a difficult, if not nightmarish, part of sales. In this blog post, I analyse why making new business appointments scares people, and, the steps you can take to overcome these difficulties.

‘I don’t know where to start’

making new business appointments

Often, I find that people are put off making new business appointments because they don’t know where to start. They’re daunted by the prospect of picking up the phone and, in many cases, what we call sales call reluctance takes over.

Essentially, this is often an effect of an inconsistent sales system that you cannot rely on. Without a sales system and proven strategy for making new business appointments, you’ll struggle to know what steps you need to take to achieve your aims. Therefore, you will find it difficult to achieve consistent, sustainable new business appointments.

At Kennedy Ross, our sales training courses teach a bespoke, yet proven, sales strategy, PROCES, so that you can successfully pitch your service and secure new business appointments.

‘I don’t know what to expect from my prospect’

making new business appointments

Calling prospects can be an uncertain and therefore daunting task. With such a diverse range of people to arrange appointments with, it can be hard to predict where the call will take you and it can be difficult to build effective relationships with your prospects.

Consequently, this can make for an uncomfortable conversation that doesn’t flow and fails to achieve yours, or the clients, goals.

This can be overcome by carrying out the Business Style Awareness test. Ultimately, Business Style Awareness helps you to establish the business style of your prospect and helps you to manage your own style alongside that of your prospect. Consequently, you can get each call or meeting off to the best start, control the conversation and secure more new business appointments.

Take your Business Style Awareness Test now.

‘I’m scared my prospects will say no’

Unfortunately, a large part of making new business appointment blogs is dealing with rejection, a factor that can put many people off. However, it’s important not to get too disheartened from the ‘no’s’ and instead focus on what you can learn from the call. This way, you can take some positives, and points of improvement, into the next call, to secure a business appointment.

making new business appointments

Still wary of making new business appointments? Our sales training courses can help develop your appointment making skills and boost your sales performance by at least 20%. Contact our team today for a free business improvement consultation or to find out more about our training courses.

Alistaire Jama
Alistaire Jama
Alistaire Jama is the author of Sellology: Simplifying The Science Of Selling. He is also an industry leading sales training consultant at Kennedy Ross where he draws upon years of top level industry experience to help North West businesses improve their sales and revenues.
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