Our telesales training Liverpool provides deliverable techniques and sales strategies to help your sales team thrive in the most challenging sales environment.

Telesales Training Liverpool

Telesales requires a different skill set to field sales. This is why we have set up our telesales training Liverpool.

Essentially, telesales training helps you to implement a unique sales strategy, PROCES, and learn important, deliverable techniques to sell over the phone and boost contact rates.

From our experience in telesales, we acknowledge that inbound (farmers) and outbound (hunters) call centres operate differently, and therefore require different techniques. Consequently, we have separate telesales training courses for both call centres.

To find out more about telesales training Liverpool, contact us today.

Why Choose Kennedy Ross For Sales Training Liverpool?

Our telesales trainers have experience working in tough telesales positions. Therefore, they understand both the challenges, and successes of telesales. As a result, they can offer practical, hands on techniques and support that actually work and are easy to deliver in the call room.

Furthermore, telesales skills must be easy to maintain if you want to see continuous results. Through teaching you to use our sales strategy, PROCES, we can help you guarantee to help you achieve consistent results.

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    Businesses Benefiting From Telesales Training

    • Skiddle.com
    • Freemans Solicitors
    • UK Carline
    • Printed Cup Company
    • Hammond Trotter Solicitors
    • Slater Safety
    • Manufacturing Alliance
    • Moneycorp

    You can read their testimonials here.

    “We operate in a very competitive environment. We recognise, from an ethical standpoint, how important it is to keep out clients interests at the heart of what we do. With that in mind we brought in Kennedy Ross. They showed us how to improve our new client conversion rate from 10  to 34%, by using a sales system called PROCES And we hit 34% by simply getting conversations off to a better start, asking the right questions at the right time and controlling the follow up. Speak to Alistaire, he’ll explain what that means.”

    Martin Hammond – Managing Partner- Hammond Trotter Solicitors

    Past and Present Clients

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