What Is Field Sales Training in Preston?

Preston is an area of unprecedented economic regeneration plans, set to invest £434m over the next ten years. Notably, this means as companies expand they will need up to date sales training especially in field sales.  These facts contribute to the urgency of making sure your company is adequately prepared to help increase revenue and boost sales. Accordingly, Kennedy Ross has tailored field sales training in Preston to motivate new and existing businesses.

Also, it is part of the wider Central Lancashire area of Preston, Chorley and South Ribble which represents nearly half of Lancashire’s economic wealth so there is plenty of business out there!

What we do:

We provide you with a six-step training programme called ‘PROCES’ which specifically shows you how to:

  • PLAN your sales meeting
  • REACH out to your potential and current clients
  • OBTAIN the correct information from your client for you to sell against
  • CONNECT with your client using bespoke F.A.B.’s
  • ELABORATE and deliberate a compelling third-party story
  • SECURE the next step

The Field sales training in Preston will give you the tips to help you keep motivated and give you a broad skill set. Additionally, if you feel things are going wrong our system will help diagnose the problem. Whichever way you look at this our courses will be of benefit and a way forward to higher sales figures.

If you have a query please contact our customer services team who will answer all your questions.

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    Why Choose us for your field sales training in Preston?

    1. With our skilled professional team, we have become familiar with the types of field sales you may need in the Preston regeneration area.
    2. We are aware that field sales – i.e. face to face sales, though sometimes daunting can be the most effective way of increasing revenue.
    3. Our team has worked with some of the best companies in the world and have hands-on experience with front line sales.
    4. As well as this, we are also aware of the fact that increasingly existing businesses will have more competition in this area. Consequently, our training strategies are based on a bestselling book ‘Sellology’ and this is a proven way to boost your sales performance.

    “We have worked with Kennedy Ross developing our sales skills. I’m delighted to say their sales system PROCES really has increased our sales. In one instance we landed a £100,000 piece of business with a national contractor as a result of the magic questions and controlling the follow up. I strongly recommend if you need to improve your selling skills then Sellology is the book to get.”

    James Whiteley – Head of Sales – Cumbria Heating Components

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