At Kennedy Ross, we know that managerial strategies and training needs to work around your business, workload and objectives. Therefore, our management training in Manchester is built around you to ensure you can manage staff problems, boost staff morale and improve your management skills.

What Is Management Training In Manchester?

Management courses help you to construct an effective management strategy. Our management training in Manchester combines local knowledge with a central focus on the below concepts.

The Physiology Of Management

Our management training centres around Words, Music and Dance.

Essentially, Words, Music and Dance is a concept that helps you to understand the importance of communication in management. Adding to this, it can help you avoid misunderstandings brought about through miscommunication and allow you to instead create productive conversations, a critical facet in management and business as a whole.

Business Style Awareness – Management

In conjunction with credible conversations, proactive working relationships are central to good management and business. However, relationship and people management is one of the most difficult aspects of a managers role.

This is where Business Style Awareness comes in.

Business Style Awareness is a short test that enables you to know your business style and that of your colleagues and staff. With this knowledge, you can start business conversations off successfully and create positive working relationships with your staff.

To find out more, take our Business Style Awareness test.

In addition to the above strategies, our management training in Manchester provides tips on:

  • Meetings
  • Weekly and monthly one to ones.
  • Incentives and consequences
  • Performance management
  • Side-by-side training
  • Giving praise and criticism
  • Setting staff goals
  • Managing workloads and tasks

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    Why Do I Need Management Training?

    We all use rationale and accreditation to underpin our business strategies. So, why don’t we apply this same rationale to underpin management behaviours? Without it, how can you know that you are delivering the correct managerial behaviours at the appropriate time?

    At Kennedy Ross, our management training courses will help you to implement proven management techniques. Consequently, we guarantee you will see an improvement in staff morale, job satisfaction and be better equipped to deal with staff conflicts and management problems.

    Why Should I Choose Kennedy Ross For Management Training In Manchester?

    Our consultants have held managerial posts in SME’s and large scale companies. This hands on management experience equips them with the ability to provide practical and relevant knowledge and skills that can be successfully implemented in your business.

    Adding to this, our Manchester management courses are not merely based on us telling you what makes a good manager. Instead, we listen to your concerns, your goals and your business style to evaluate how we can best help you to achieve your managerial and business objectives.

    As a result of our experience and proven business strategies, our management training in Manchester guarantees to help you become a better manager and in turn boost your business.

    “Recently they came in and delivered a two day management programme with follow up. It has without doubt impacted our staff retention, improved employee morale and ensured our management team are all speaking the same language”.

    Rich Dyer – Managing Director – Skiddle.Com

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