In order to be successful, management strategies must work around your business goals, managerial challenges and business style. Therefore, our management training in Liverpool provides a bespoke, yet easily adaptable, set of skills to help you manage staff problems, increase job satisfaction and improve your overall management of staff.

Management Training in Liverpool

Our management training in Liverpool focuses around two key concepts.

The Physiology of Management

Good communication is critical to successful management and business. That’s why our management training in Liverpool is centred around a concept named Words, Music and Dance.

Essentially, Words, Music and Dance is all about understanding the importance of communication so you can avoid miscommunication and create credible conversations

Business Style Awareness – Management

Successful working relationships are key to successful management and business. However, as most managers know, people are the most difficult workplace factor to control. This is why we use a concept called Business Style Awareness.

Business Style Awareness allows you to decipher your business style and know how to work in harmony with your staff’s business style. With this knowledge, you can get every business conversation off to the best start and harbour productive working relationships.

To find out more, take the Business Style Awareness test now.

In addition to the above strategies, our management training in Liverpool provides tips on:

  • Meetings
  • Weekly and monthly one to ones.
  • Incentives and consequences
  • Performance management
  • Side-by-side training
  • Giving praise and criticism

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    Why Do I Need Management Training?

    Ask yourself: ‘What rationale am I using to underpin my management behaviours?’. If, like most of our clients, your answer is none then how do you know you are delivering the right behaviours at the right time?

    All your business strategies are underpinned by accreditation and rationale, so, why are your management strategies not?

    On our management courses, we will implement proven, rational management strategies. As a result, you will be able to increase staff retention, job satisfaction and in turn generate increased, sustainable results.

    Why Should I Choose Kennedy Ross For Management Training In Liverpool?

    As our consultants have managed people in SME’s and large scale companies, they are well aware of the daily challenges managers can face. Consequently, they can provide practical knowledge and skills that can actually be implemented in your company.

    Adding to this, we will listen to your managerial concerns, look into what makes a good manager and evaluate what you would like to get from the course. Because of this, you know your management strategy is beneficial to your business and will help you become a better manager.

    “Recently they came in and delivered a two day management programme with follow up. It has without doubt impacted our staff retention, improved employee morale and ensured our management team are all speaking the same language”.

    Rich Dyer – Managing Director – Skiddle.Com

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