Kennedy Ross provide executive mentoring in Liverpool to help local business leaders overcome problems, manage staff, implement effective strategies and thrive in competitive industries.

Executive Mentoring in Liverpool

As business leaders reach the top, it can be easy to stop learning new methods and feel out of touch with industry developments. Similarly, it can feel increasingly lonely as a leader as problems arise. This is where executive mentoring is useful.

Our executive mentoring in Liverpool offers local business leaders support with problem solving, staff management and management best practices to overall improve leadership and business performance.

With years of experience as board level directors for a range of Merseyside businesses, our mentors can offer relevant businesses insights and practical advice. This, combined with business academia is what makes our executive mentoring service one of the best in the North West.

What Is Involved In Executive Mentoring?

Our leadership mentoring endeavours to create relevant and interactive discussions with senior managers, business owners and managing directors. Therefore, as an initial step, we will discuss your desired outcomes, set up a mentoring plan and put measures in place to measure performance.

This collaborative process is what makes our business mentoring so successful and enables our clients to feel at ease and fully engage in the mentoring scheme. Consequently, our executive mentoring service has proven results and has seen significant improvements in clients’ business performance across Liverpool.

Clients Benefiting From Executive Mentoring In Liverpool:

  • Packaging Automation Ltd.
  • RJW Engineering

To see how our executive mentoring programme has benefited our clients, read our testimonials.

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    Benefits Of Leadership Mentoring:

    • Offer help with ‘best in class’ leadership behaviour
    • Support with strategy creation and execution
    • Set up performance management measures
    • SMART goals, KPI delivery and assessment
    • Recruitment support and staff development strategies
    • Strategic and operational support
    • Improve sales performance and drive down costs to streamline your business.

    To find out more about executive mentoring in Liverpool and to improve your management performance, contact us today.

    The Sales Management training I received, ensured I can manage the sales team with a system that underpins my thinking. Consequently, this meant far less confrontation and increased motivation throughout my sales team.

    The monthly one to ones are a must and help me work with my sales team to agreed objectives. Therefore, if you want to see your sales team’s performance dramatically improve and feel good about the way in which you manage them, Alistaire and Kennedy Ross are the team to help you do just that.”

    Sam Ashton – Director, Packaging Automation Limited

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