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    The Lancashire area covers a variety of rural and industrial areas with an expanse of different businesses. Blackpool to Lancaster is associated with the tourist trade, Burnley to Chorley with industrial expansion. Preston to Ormskirk includes farming and commercial development. To be prepared for these challenging districts Kennedy Ross has specialised field sales training in Lancashire.

    What is field sales training in Lancashire?

    We have the empathy to deliver our course in a way which is easily understood, furthermore, we can relate the techniques to specific needs in Lancashire. Communication and listening skills are the key to a good rapport with your client. As a result with our training programme and understanding of this, you open the gateway to being able to deliver your sales message.

    We provide you with a six-step training programme called ‘PROCES’ which specifically shows you how to:

    • PLAN your sales meeting
    • REACH out to your potential and current clients
    • OBTAIN the correct information from your client for you to sell against
    • CONNECT with your client using bespoke F.A.B.’s
    • ELABORATE and deliberate a compelling third-party story
    • SECURE the next steps.

    Field sales can be very daunting and you need confidence and motivation to inspire your client to buy your product. Consequently, at Kennedy Ross we believe if you want to have this specialised training we can deliver it and you will have all the tools to boost sales and increase revenue.

    If you want to know more about our courses please do contact our customer service team.

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      About us:

      We believe that the biggest revenue boost comes from field sales i.e. ‘face to face’ selling. Whether it’s in a rural setting, commercial enterprise, industrial expansion or new business, we have specialised field sales programmes.

      We work to consider the everyday situations you might face in your daily meetings and accordingly tailor our training. Our consultants have worked with some of the best sales companies all over the world. Additionally, they have all had ‘hands-on’ experience on which to build their teaching expertise.

      Past and Present Clients

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