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17th August 2020
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Sellology: Simplifying The Science Of Selling – A Huge Thank You!

Science Of Selling

Welcome to the blog post that I’ve been looking forward to writing for a long time. It’s essentially a huge thank you helping with my book, Sellology: Simplifying The Science Of Selling.

Sellology: Simplifying The Science Of Selling

Two years ago I started the hardest thing I have ever done.

In 2014, I began working on my new book “Sellology: Simplifying the Science of Selling”. Sellology distills 30 years experience as an award winning sales professional into a clear, repeatable system that will increase the sales of any business.

After many rewrites, and never ending editing, it is finally complete!

This Thursday 15th of September sees the official launch at Glovers Bar in Preston. Here, we will be celebrating the writing of Sellology being complete!

A Huge Thank You!

As with any project that results in something important, it has been a real team effort. I really could not have done it without my collaborators  Leyla JamaEd Christiano, Malcolm Wyatt, Neil SimpsonAlan Whelan, Rob Binns & his amazing team at Cotton Court. As ever my profound gratitude also goes out to my lovely wife Natalie.

I would also like to thank  all of the businesses who let me use their stories to teach you how to make more sales, more of the time.

It really couldn’t have happened without you

Responses To Sellology

Sellology has now been on sale for a couple of weeks and it is safe to say I have been truly humbled by the amazing reviews I have been receiving from the first people to get their hands on it.

As a network director, I am finding Sellology to be a great read as mutual benefit is at its heart. Conversational and engaging, Ali Jama details his six step PROCES for meeting the needs of a prospect and illustrates its power using real life stories from real companies. No names changed here.

Discover how knowing your Business Awareness style, and determining that of your client, can make the sales journey painless and a win-win for both of you.

A great book for those who aren’t comfortable with ‘selling’!

Rachel Kay – Network & Training Director lovelocalnetworking & lovelocaltraining

Sales is the lifeblood of growing any business. Therefore, it seems I’ve struck a chord with Sellology, which simplifies selling into a system suitable for any business.

If you would like to increase sales for your business, you can buy “Sellology: Simplifying The Science of Selling” on Amazon. If you are in Preston on the 15th, I would love for you to attend the Sellology launch!

Thank you for reading


Alistaire Jama
Alistaire Jama
Alistaire Jama is the author of Sellology: Simplifying The Science Of Selling. He is also an industry leading sales training consultant at Kennedy Ross where he draws upon years of top level industry experience to help North West businesses improve their sales and revenues.
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