The UK’s capital is one of the busiest business cities in the world but it can be hard to thrive in such a competitive city. Therefore, implementing a bespoke, proven sales system is vital to driving sales and increasing revenue. This is where Kennedy Ross’ Field Sales Training London can help.

What Is Field Sales Training London?

Although larger sales are more likely when you’re face to face with a client, this expectation can be daunting. Furthermore, field sales is a demanding role that requires a lot of motivation. At times, especially in London, field sales can be a lonely, isolated role. Therefore, field sales training London provides you with a bespoke sales strategy and techniques to remain motivated and confident in your approach. During our two day field sales training programme in London we will also teach you how to deliver your sales message clearly and show you how to get on well with everyone within the first seven seconds of your business meeting.

Based on the best selling book, Sellology, our field sales training course provides you with a six step sales system, PROCES. This system builds on your skills and knowledge and shows you specifically how to:

  • PLAN your sales meetings
  • REACH out to your potential and current clients
  • OBTAIN the correct information from your client for you to sell against
  • CONNECT with your client using bespoke F.A.B’s
  • ELABORATE and deliver a compelling third party story
  • SECURE the next steps

Companies Benefiting From Field Sales Training

  • FISC Healthcare
  • Readyfix UK
  • Freemans Solicitors
  • Printed Cup Company
  • RJW Engineering

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    Why Choose Kennedy Ross For Field Sales Training London?

    Our training consultants have worked with some of the best sales companies in London and worldwide. Therefore, they understand how demotivating it can be to receive a ‘no’, and how thrilling it is to receive a ‘yes’. Because of this, they can deliver field sales training with empathy, in a way in which it is easy to understand and in a practical way which can be implemented once you finish the sales training course.

    Furthermore, our consultants are equipped with front line sales experiences, proven strategies and hands on knowledge that will help you thrive when selling face to face.

    If you would like to find out more about our field sales courses in London, or want to start improving your face to face sales, contact us today.

    “We have worked with Kennedy Ross developing our sales skills. I’m delighted to say their sales system PROCES really has increased our sales. In one instance we landed a £100,000 piece of business with a national contractor as a result of the magic questions and controlling the follow up. I strongly recommend if you need to improve your selling skills then Sellology is the book to get.”

    James Whiteley – Head of Sales – Cumbria Heating Components

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