What Is Field Sales Training in Liverpool?

Our course is specifically designed for field sales training in Liverpool as we are aware of the business environment here. The most effective but, daunting time to sell is when you are face to face with a customer. This may be out on the road or prearranged meeting. This important ‘field’ selling point requires many additional skills to that of telesales.

The importance of specialist sales training:

  • Bigger sales are more likely when you are face to face with a customer. By studying the techniques of selling you can become more motivated and confident.
  • You need to make an instant good impression and build a rapport with your contact.
  • Skills are needed to influence, present and enthuse your client.
  • There is a need for an ability to ‘recommend’ rather than ‘pitch’ for a sale.
  • Listening skills are valuable with an understanding of your client’s business arena.

What we offer:

We offer a two-day field sales transformation programme which will involve you learning a six-step sales system ‘PROCES’. We basically will help you improve in all areas of how you sell and believe that everyone can become a skilled salesperson with the right training.

If you would like to know more about our courses please contact our customer service team who are here to help.

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    Why you need field sales training in Liverpool?

    Liverpool is an area of industrial, commercial and residential regeneration. As such, there are new smaller businesses being setup in a rapidly changing economy. Furthermore, this means a lot of competition for established businesses who need to expand their sales perhaps in a new direction.

    By understanding the economy and need for inspired change you can be more prepared for the type of challenge your client will face. Accordingly, your sales technique will need to adapt.

    “We have worked with Kennedy Ross developing our sales skills. I’m delighted to say their sales system PROCES really has increased our sales. In one instance we landed a £100,000 piece of business with a national contractor as a result of the magic questions and controlling the follow up. I strongly recommend if you need to improve your selling skills then Sellology is the book to get.”

    James Whiteley – Head of Sales – Cumbria Heating Components

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