Leadership Training in Preston

Essentially, leadership training in Preston helps to develop future leaders. At Kennedy Ross, our expert leadership trainign in Preston offers advice on:

  • Learning a common language of leadership
  • Increasing the quality and quantity of coversations
  • Developing others’ self-reliance
  • Underpinning your management thinking with rationale.

Why Do I Need Leadership Training?

Preston is a rapidly growing business community with a wide range of successful, thriving companies. Despite this local success, 82% of employees say their leaders don’t provide constructive feedback. Meanwhile, 81% say leaders don’t listen. How can Preston businesses continue to thrive with such disappointing leadership feedback?

This is where our leadership training in Preston comes in. Our training courses can help you to reduce conflict with employees and increase motivation by teaching you how to create meaningful connections between leaders and employees.

Why Choose Kennedy Ross For Leadership Training In Preston?

At Kennedy Ross, our consultants have worked with an array of businesses across Preston. Therefore, they have extensive experience resolving problems and leading employees, as well as understanding the difficult yet rewarding experience of leading people.

As a result of our experience, we have created a bespoke, one day training course that supports you in leading people or teams and provides relevant, easy to implement knowledge.

As we know everyone works differently, our leadership programme adapts to your needs and can fit around your schedule.

To find out more about our leadership courses, contact our team today.

Companies Benefiting From Our Leadership Training Courses

  • Skiddle
  • SAL Abrasive Technologies
  • ReadyFix
  • Printed Cup Company
  • RJW Engineering
  • Packaging Automation Ltd

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    Situational Leadership

    • By understanding where your team member is on the model, you can work out how to manage them.
    • This reduces conflict and increase motivation
    • D represents their development level
    • S are the behaviours you exhibit to match their development level
    • Equips you with a management rationale to underpin your leadership thinking

    “Recently they came in and delivered a two day management programme with follow up. It has without doubt impacted our staff retention, improved employee morale and ensured our management team are all speaking the same language”.

    Rich Dyer – Managing Director – Skiddle.Com

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