Leadership Training in Liverpool

Leadership training in Liverpool helps you to become a diverse, supportive leader by:

  • Implementing a common language of leadership
  • Teaching quality conversations
  • Developing others’ self-reliance.
  • Underpinning management thinking with rationale.

Why Do I Need Leadership Training?

Liverpool is full of thriving, competitive companies. Therefore, to succeed and prevent employee drop off, Merseyside businesses must be managed by effective leaders.

Unfortunately, 82% believe leaders don’t provide effective feedback and 81% say their leaders don’t listen.

At Kennedy Ross, our leadership training in Liverpool can teach you how to provide constructive feedback and create purposeful conversations to boost employee morale and productivity.

Why Choose Kennedy Ross For Leadership Training In Liverpool?

Our consultants have held senior leadership positions at leading companies across the North West. Therefore, we know the problems and rewards that come from managing people and how to overcome them.

This is why our one day, bespoke training course guarantees to provide easy to implement knowledge that will make you a stronger, more capable leader.

To find out more about why you should choose Kennedy Ross for leadership training in Liverpool, contact us today.

Companies Benefiting From Our Leadership Training Courses

  • Skiddle
  • SAL Abrasive Technologies
  • ReadyFix
  • Printed Cup Company
  • RJW Engineering
  • Packaging Automation Ltd

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    Situational Leadership

    • By understanding where your team member is on the model, you can work out how to manage them.
    • This reduces conflict and increase motivation
    • D represents their development level
    • S are the behaviours you exhibit to match their development level
    • Equips you with a management rationale to underpin your leadership thinking

    “Recently they came in and delivered a two day management programme with follow up. It has without doubt impacted our staff retention, improved employee morale and ensured our management team are all speaking the same language”.

    Rich Dyer – Managing Director – Skiddle.Com

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