Kennedy Ross offer executive mentoring in Preston to help local business executives improve leadership performance and problem solving.

Executive Mentoring in Preston

The intention of executive mentoring is not to tell you how to run your business. Instead, it offers support with problem solving, business insights, staff development and management behaviours.

From our experience, business leaders find our one to one executive mentoring offers a great learning experience and prevents you feeling isolated at the top level of business.

Kennedy Ross’ executive mentoring in Preston is run by experienced past board level directors. They are aware of  Preston’s thriving business industry, its difficulties and benefits. Consequently, they can deliver proven, industry-leading business mentoring for a range of sectors in the North West.

How Will Leadership Mentoring Work?

Firstly, our mentors will liaise with you on your desired outcomes. From here, they will agree next steps with you, outline goals and put means in place to monitor performance.

We work to create objective and relevant discussions with CEOs, senior managers, business owners and directors. Thanks to our mentors’ top level business experience, our executive mentoring service has been proven to improve the business performance of clients across Preston.

To find out more about executive mentoring in Preston and to improve your leadership performance, contact us today.

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     Executive Mentoring Benefits:

    • Help delivering ‘best in class’ management behaviours
    • Support with strategy build and execution
    • Agreed performance management measures
    • SMART goals, KPI delivery and assessment
    • Recruitment support and staff development strategies
    • Continuous strategic and operational support
    • Learning how to improve sales performance and drive down costs to streamline your business.

    Companies Benefiting From Executive Mentoring In Preston:

    • Readyfix Ltd
    • UK Carline

    To see how our executive mentoring programme has benefited these business, read our testimonials. 

    “We asked Kennedy Ross to work with us on two areas. Firstly, support the Sales Manager and his external sales team, and then support the internal appointment making team. The results have been spectacular. We estimate Kennedy Ross have helped us increase our new business revenues by £800,000. We can now make regular appointments with new clients. And we have a proven system to maximize on these appointments when we are out visiting these potential opportunities.”

    Mark Burwood – Sales Director – Readyfix UK

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