Offering executive mentoring in Manchester and the surrounding areas, Kennedy Ross are committed to helping you become the best possible leader.

What Is Executive Mentoring?

At Kennedy Ross, we understand that business leaders can often feel lonely at the top of business. And, whether you’re a new manager or an experienced leader, overcoming problems can be difficult. Therefore, executive mentoring is designed to offer a supportive contact and business insights.

With this in mind, executive mentoring can cover problem solving, staff recruitment and management, sales strategies, KPI delivery and much more.

At Kennedy Ross, our Manchester executive mentoring programme really is catered around you, your business and your goals. Our mentors have held senior positions in some of the largest companies across Greater Manchester and understand the challenges and positives that come with holding senior positions. Therefore, they can offer practical, bespoke guidance that comes from hands on experience.

The Executive Mentoring Process

We know meeting a new mentor can be daunting. Therefore, initially, we will get to know you, your goals and your business as a whole. Going forward, we will look to implement a mentoring strategy, set up goals and calculate how we will manage performance.

At Kennedy Ross, we don’t see executive mentoring as a one way path. Instead, we seek to create dynamic and relevant discussions with the directors, senior managers and managing directors we work with. These discussions build up an understanding of leadership issues and goals as well as passing on advice and industry experience. It is this that makes our executive mentoring one of the most successful mentoring programmes in Greater Manchester.

To find out more about executive mentoring Manchester and to improve your management performance, contact us today.

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    Benefits Of An Executive Mentor:

    • Offer help with ‘best in class’ leadership behaviour
    • Support with strategy creation and execution
    • Set up performance management measures
    • SMART goals, KPI delivery and assessment
    • Recruitment support and staff development strategies
    • Strategic and operational support
    • Improve sales performance and drive down costs to streamline your business.

    Clients Benefiting From Executive Mentoring In Manchester:

    • Lighting and Interiors Group Ltd.
    • Manchester Evening News

    To see how executive mentoring programmes have benefited our clients, read our testimonials.

    “As the Managing Director of a fast moving lighting importer, identifying and then selling to prospective new clients especially national supermarket chains can be challenging. I was looking for some support and was recommended Kennedy Ross Consulting and in particular Alistaire Jama. Together we worked on identifying opportunities, planning the first contact call and the selling system P.R.O.C.E.S. These opportunities included some of the toughest buyers in the lighting industry. The training paid dividends and within 6 weeks helped to generate an order of £20,000, which has since developed to the value of £300,000. It is also uncovering several new and exciting on going opportunities.”

    Managing Director – The Lighting & Interiors Group

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